A i w A - H.C. of 1987

Video for a track from the A i w A album 'Telepathic Peace Agreement'.

Video by A i w A.

Best Available Technology - Riot Moon

Riot Moon is featured on the Mar Reflection EP by BAT / ovis aurum. Video by Best Available Technology.

Broshuda - Molchland

Track by Broshuda. Video by Son La Pham.

Graham Dunning - Monogon

Video by Graham Dunning for the mechanical techno recording 'Monogon', as featured on his SEAGRAVE album 'Auxon'.


Micromelancolie - CNN TCTCS (Edit)

Video by Micromelancolie (Robert Skrzyński) for a track featured on the SEAGRAVE compilation 'Limit Breaker' (SR021).

MYMK - Holler

Video by Nic Hamilton for an MYMK track featured on the SEAGRAVE compilation 'Simoom' (SR035).

Ondness - Friendly Fire (I'm Sorry)

Video by Ondness (Bruno Silva) for the opening track of his cassette album 'Quase Driven'.

SOLO1 - Diebenkorn

Track by SOLO1. Video by Empty As Church.

Solotape - wrw7

Video by Spencer G for the Solotape track ‘wrw7’ from the album ‘M-path’ (SR074).